Moving to AWS

Posted on Oct 18, 2022
tl;dr: cloud good.

Well, Moved actually…


Many many years ago, was hosted the ony way you could host your own stuff, on physical hardware in a datacentre.

Specifically, was a physical Sun Microsystems SparcStation 10 which was hosted up at the excellent Legend Internet in Leeds. This was circa 2000 when all this was in place, and it served well until virtual machines bacame the next big thing. We retired c0ke because frankly, it was an absolute pain in the arse - if something when wrong it required a car journey from London or Oxford, all the way to leeds, to give it some love.

For years afterwards, I didn’t do anything with it. The domain name was just parked (I forget where) and I just kept on paying out the registration fees. To cut a long story short, after that…and after that…and lately I used to run as a virtual machine, under OpenBSD’s (is it still new?) Virtual Machine ability, with that host living in a logical DMZ.

Well, the time came yet again to move. Might as well get with the modern stacks, i.e. cloud. So now, this is all built by CloudFormation and uses S3 as a file store, fronted off by CloudFront. Automation and magic keep it all in sync, and the site is built and deployed in the same way.

We’ve come a long way in 20 years. Wonder where we’ll be in another 20.